[ anniversaries ]

Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of our move to the new house, and so many drastic changes for our family. It will also be the farthest I will have been from a chemotherapy treatment since Christmas.
It is remarkable to me that all of this coincides with my birthday so closely, and that this time next year, the notable anniversary will be the completion of my lymphoma treatment.
I am hell bent on having that anniversary, and without any more frightening bumps in the road in the meantime. I will have my way in this, and in addition, hundreds of fabulous days. Then I will have thousands and thousands more.
I am in the process of finding a way to make it through the entirety of one such fabulous day without that damn Mono No Aware creeping in between cherry blossoms and sun rays and gorgeous secret glances one daughter or the other throws casually my way. But that sad, prickling, hyper-awareness of the greatness of everything, and the impermanence of everything, is really the only thing that feels permanent at present.
Still trying to decide if it’s something to be fixed, or a rare positive side effect of all those drugs…


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