[ perched on the edge of some great height ]

Today I feel like an injured flier of some kind, mended, but still a little lopsided in my ability. I am perched on the edge of some great height, my benefactors waiting expectantly behind me, wanting to see that happy ending they have all worked so hard to provide.
But there are so many questions – Can I navigate at an off-center pitch? Will my nest building be as sound? Can I still snag the tiny insect jewels as I go tumbling through thin air? Will the others be comfortable with my asymmetry and idiosyncrasies when I try to snuggle in on a branch or wire among them?
And then there is that tiny, dark cloud on the horizon that I can see in my periphery, that every last cancer patient knows so well – the How Long Until…
I am so ready to dive into the next stage of wide open, open ended air – it is such an exciting feeling, but boy oh boy, is it terrifying…


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