[ the mending brigade ]

Pictured here, my vulture buddies, the Mending Brigade.
In about a week, I will be receiving my last scheduled dose of chemotherapy.
I have fought hard to look up and outward throughout, to the things I want desperately to manifest – I have not been successful every day, but I do believe I’ve been doing my best. In good moments, the intensity with which I demand my wellness of the universe is notable, and will hopefully serve to keep my hair growing, my enamel strong, and my blood game stronger, for decades and decades to come.
I do know that I am determined to prevail, come hell or high water. My vulture brethren help remind me that sometimes cleaning up disease is a dirty job, and one that no one really wants, but if they can do it day in and day out, bald, awkward, and ostracized, I will do it too.


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